Meet Our Family

IMG_4307Joe – Joe is the most awesome stay at home dad around.  He spends his time taking care of kiddos and just recently started a landscaping business out of the house. He loves to root for the Dallas Cowboys and the Washington Nationals. He is a professional bass player. While retired from his college band, he keeps up his skills playing in the church band. Joe is a leader in Mack’s Cub Scout pack and coaches t-ball in the summer. As a dad, he is so much fun. He is kind, caring, and supportive. He always has a listening ear. Any time the weather is nice, he is out playing a game of catch or tickle zombie.

IMG_4041Rebekah – Rebekah is a pharmacist at Walgreens. When not filling prescriptions she enjoys watching movies, decorating cakes, and drinking Starbucks coffees. Rebekah loves sports and cheers for the Nationals, Cowboys, and Duke Blue Devils. As a mom, she loves spending time with her kids. She loves watching baseball games and swim meets, movie nights, and trips to Busch Gardens.




Abby – Our oldest child. Abby is so artistic. She loves music. She plays piano, bass, guitar, and is starting to play the drums.  She also loves to play sports. She plays softball in the spring and swims through the summer. Abby is a hard worker and a leader. She helps to take care of her younger siblings and is the best hair braider in the family.




IMG_3992Michal – Michal is our second child. She loves to make things–whether it be crafting, making slime, or growing her garden in the backyard. She loves to create and is working on writing her second book. Michal love swimming! She swims for the YMCA and on our summer swim team. As a sister she is very mothering. She is always taking care of the little two and is quick to take charge of situations. She loves to teach and share with her younger siblings.



Mack – Mack is the only boy and really wishes for another boy to be added to the family. He is a sweet, kind hearted boy who loves to play. He enjoys building with legos and jumping on the trampoline in the backyard. Mack loves Cub Scouts, baseball, and swimming in the summer. He is quick with a joke that will make everyone laugh and he is always up for a game. He will even play Barbies with his littlest sister.



img_4580.jpgTabitha – Tabitha lives life to the fullest. She loves Star Wars and has seen all the movies. Her favorite is Darth Vader. She likes to play the piano, swim on the swim team, and was excited to play her first season of softball this spring. Tabitha is full of fun and wants to play Play-do with her new sister or brother.




mk_pfthbluec2char_20170810_404106648996.jpgRuth – Ruth is such an independent, small little girl. She is the youngest and wants to be just like her older siblings.  She loves going to preschool and playing t-ball. She loves dress up and playing house. She is excited to have a new little brother or sister and wants to play princesses with him or her.