A Typical Week

Throughout the week we participate in lots of different activities, depending on the season.  We are active in the kids lives and help with their activities in different capacities.


We participate in girl scouts and cub scouts. Joe has been a den leader with Mack and they do fun activities like the Pine Wood Derby race and family camping. Rebekah is a leader for Tabitha’s daisy troop this year. Abby has been in girl scouts since she was a daisy and has a goal of earning her gold award.


Little League:

Every spring, and sometimes in the fall, our calendar fills with baseball, softball, and t-ball games and practices. Every year, it is so exciting to see the kids improve their skills and have fun with their friends. Joe has “coached” t-ball, for as much as t-ball players can be coached, for the past 5 seasons.

Swim Team

We live in an area with lots of water so knowing how to swim is a must! Every summer we swim for fun at the community pool and the kids participate on the swim team. Every summer their strokes improve and their times get faster. But the best part are the friends they make. They love spending time at the pool with their friends and cheering for their friends during the meets.


Awana is a Bible club that meets at our church. Joe and Rebekah lead the club each week. During club, the kids memorize Bible verses, learn Bible stories, and grow their faith. As they finish sections in their handbooks, they earn awards. There are also lots of fun and silly activities too like game nights, crazy hair nights, and holiday parties.

Piano Lessons

Each school year, the kids take part in piano lessons. When they start kindergarten or first grade, depending on when they are ready, they take lessons each week to prepare for their Christmas and Spring recitals. Learning how to play the piano has really helped them to develop a love for music. The older two girls have really gotten into learning other instruments as well such as the guitar and drums.